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Learn healthy lifestyle without having to give up all the fun things in life. We keep it real.


Key Features

  • No counting macronutrients
  • Learn how to fit in chocolate, wine, and dinners out while still achieving your goals
  • One-on-one support from a qualified professional
  • Exercises that will make you look like a badass
  • Goal setting techniques that will ensure you stay motivated!
  • Target problem areas: flatten your tummy, shrink your waist, slim your legs.

Introducing Body BAM

How do you live it up in all-you-can-eat and drink Mexico or Vegas, but still keep your bod bangin enough to win Miss Swimsuit USA International? And 2 years later, win the $50,000 Las Vegas International Model Search? AND not just look like this for special occasions, but still keep it up every other day? Only Avril can tell you…


BodyBAM (Body By Avril Mathie) is her online coaching system developed to show you more than just how to lose weight. Ladies, you will learn how to sculpt your body exactly the way you want it, target problem areas and ramp up your energy levels, while still enjoy your favorite foods (or wine ;)) in the most realistic approach to healthy lifestyle, ever. The key to long term results is never stopping, and the only way to maintain that is if you enjoy the regime. Let’s face it, you’re not really “never drinking/eating dessert/carbs again”, so why pretend and just keep circling around in endless disappointment?


Unlike other programs, BodyBAM is NOT a one-size-fits-all system. With a ton of educational content most trainers will never tell you, customized nutrition plans, badass workouts with variations to suit all levels, and one-on-one personal support from a qualified professional, we will help you learn the perfect balance for YOU and your lifestyle. Look good, feel good and actually be happy, forever more.

Easy to Follow Training Videos

Be guided through my expertly sequenced workouts that will get you results faster, and progress you from any level to bad ass in (or out of) the gym.

Huge variety of exercises to keep your body guessing, challenged and having fun. Sculpt your body and target problem areas with resistance based workouts. Learn how to flatten your tummy, postural re-alignment and strengthening, and how to run properly. I’ll even teach you how to box - one of the most effective ways to burn fat. And you don’t need a gym or equipment - do these programs anywhere!

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Fast, Easy, Tasty Recipes

Learn what, when, and how to eat to suit YOUR body’s needs.

Get a custom nutrition plan and the education behind it - don’t just be told what to do and left guessing when you’re having a night out. Transforming your body is easier than you think when you understand the science behind it. And based on this science (we’ve kept it reader-friendly, don’t worry), we’ve developed a simple system that makes transforming your body and fitness achievable and maintainable. No need to waste tedious hours counting calories or macronutrients. And with many recipes taking 10 minutes or less to cook, spending less than 40 minutes a day in the kitchen and having the body of your dreams CAN be a reality.

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progress Track your progress

Track and compare your results with MyProgress.

Be kept accountable with a place to record and easily compare all your stats as you work towards your goal. There is no bigger motivation than seeing the outcome of your efforts!

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Community Forum

Join our Family of empowering, like-minded ladies that are kicking ass at life.

Our BodyBAM Babes Facebook group is a place for you to be inspired, share proud moments, find tips and support, read interesting articles, get updates and ask questions, any time. We are here to help!

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Shana's Transformation


BodyBAM has completely changed my life. After this achievement, I found a new confidence that I really can do anything and even went back to university to chase my dreams!

See Shana's Transformation
Anna N.'s Transformation

Anna N.

For the first time I felt like I actually knew how to do the exercises to get the exact result I wanted!

See Anna N.'s Transformation
Tanya's Transformation


BodyBAM is so worth it!

See Tanya's Transformation
Skye's Transformation


It’s refreshing to finally see an e-book that actually educates women and is so well explained!!

See Skye's Transformation
Kelly's Transformation


The BodyBAM training method is one of a kind!

See Kelly's Transformation
Louise's Transformation


Avril sends through really motivating emails, which kept me going through out the program and the different meal plans and recipes were delicious.

See Louise's Transformation
Georgie's Transformation


The boxing workouts are so good!! My body loves BodyBAM!

See Georgie's Transformation
Jodi's Transformation


So it helps when you have a community that supports you and gives you the motivation!

See Jodi's Transformation
Ali's Transformation


Avril teaches you the theory behind nutrition and exercise so you know how you can tweak it to suit your lifestyle and still get the result you want.

See Ali's Transformation
Katie's Transformation


BodyBAM taught me so much more than just how to drop kg’s and tone up!

See Katie's Transformation
Anna B's Transformation

Anna B

I love that all the training can be done without a gym or any equipment and that there is so much variety in the workouts!

See Anna B's Transformation
Avril Mathie Boxing

What You Get Inside:

  • Tons of educational content that most trainers will never tell you
  • 3 x 1-on-1 private consultations with a qualified professional, and ask questions any time in our Facebook support group
  • Customized nutrition plan and the education behind it - don’t just be told what to do and left guessing when you’re having a night out
  • Learn what and how much to eat for your body type, goals and why
  • 50 pages of instantly downloadable information on Nutrition, Staying Motivated, Exercise and Lifestyle
  • Expertly progressed daily workouts
  • Detailed demonstration videos so you look like a pro
  • No equipment necessary - perfect for busy lifestyles, traveling and those always on the go.
  • EXERCISE LIBRARY with over 150 video tutorials showing you correct technique and tips to get the most out of each exercise
  • Your membership gives you 6 months access… Plenty of time to do all the workouts twice, or account for unplanned breaks.
  • Access to member’s only educational videos including how to box, running technique, postural realignment and how to get a flat tummy
  • Regular emails to motivate and educate you further along the way
  • Supplement advice
  • Huge database of easy, tasty, BodyBAM approved recipes
  • Tips for cooking at home or dining out
  • Common health and fitness myths busted and explained
  • Fitspiration, motivating quotes and stories from Avril’s and her clients’ personal journeys
  • Rolling Monday start… Start now when you’re ready, no waiting for the next intake!
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