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Avril Mathie

AvrilI grew up a skinny kid. Which I mostly put down to my parents “crazy” rules like “2 hours outdoor play to every hour spent on the computer”, “fruit before biscuits” and generally just a complete lack of junk food in the house. As a so-called “rebellious teenager”, I got kicked out of home at 16 and while I maintained and loved regular cardio exercise, my diet and alcohol intake spiralled out of control. I would start the day with sugary cereal and milk, nutella sandwiches and chocolate milk for lunch, and 2 minute noodles for dinner. On the weekends I would devour half of the Woolworths bakery that I worked in after nights out drinking until only hours before my 6am starts. And while I was young, active and had a very fast metabolism, I got away with it. I had a little “sugar gut” that I could never figure out how to get rid of, but other than that I was skin and bone. Until all of a sudden in my early 20’s when I stopped exercising regularly, things started to catch up with me… I put on 10kg in 6 months! It wasn’t until I saw photos of myself that I realised my weight was getting out of control.

So at 21, I decided I needed to lose weight the only way I knew how; by starving myself and running everyday. I was eating vegemite on 2 pieces of wholemeal toast with a glass of orange juice at some time in the afternoon and then a sausage roll on my evening break at work as a bartender. I didn’t worry about limiting my tequila shots, because I never even considered that they would be making me fat. Also, the girls at work convinced me to get on these magic fat-pills they were all taking (I wont say what they’re called because I don’t want anyone to take this the wrong way and go start taking them). I had no appetite at all and had so much energy that I couldn’t sleep for more than 3-4 hours a night.

It was around this time that I met Mark, a world-renowned celebrity personal trainer and former elite athlete that educated me on proper nutrition and the benefits of resistance training (I was so scared to lift weights, I didn’t want to turn into a she-man). With his help, I completely turned my life around. The fitter I became, the more binge-drinking repulsed me and I was so enthralled in this new way of life that I asked him to take me on as his apprentice and business partner, as I wanted to help others who had been as clueless as I had.

Over the next few years, I started to become more confident and was getting a lot more modelling work. In 2012 I won my first major national pageant; Miss Hawaiian Tropic Australia. As a result I was sent to Europe as the first-ever Australian model to be invited to the FashionTV International Diamond Model Awards where I placed in the top 5 in the world. The following year I won the local, then national heats of Miss Swimsuit USA, so got to go to Mexico to compete in the International final of the biggest swimsuit pageant in the world, which I am so proud to say that I won. After winning this, so many opportunities opened up for me including lucrative sponsorships, popular US magazine covers and features and invites to more major international modelling pageants where I have always placed in the top 3.

In this time, Mark and my personal training business grew from a small, exclusive PT studio, to adding boot camps and small group training to accommodate our growing client base. Seven years on, and when I left Australia in early 2016, we were the biggest gym in town in one of the most envied locations in Australia.

Somewhere along the way, in late 2012 I started boxing. After a string of foot, ankle and knee injuries, it was pretty much the only thing I could do to stay fit… and I fell in love! I had my first fight in May 2013 with my most recent in February 2017 and a record of 16 fights, 10 wins, 1 by TKO… and many more to come!

But I’ll never forget where I came from, and that’s why I created BodyBAM; to share my knowledge with other girls who might be uneducated and struggling like I was, or even girls that are 90% along in their fitness journey, but just struggling to get the final result they’re after. The information in this e-book and online program is what I have taken almost 7 years to learn, experiment with and fine-tune to be able to get the result I wanted. I have tried, tested and had proven results with now 100’s of clients. I have experienced many injuries and set backs along the way that I have learnt so much from and with so much misinformation (or just plain lack of good information) out there at the moment, I also want to help you to avoid the same pitfalls that I fell into!

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