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Joining BodyBAM

How do I join BodyBAM?

When you hit the sign up button and enter your information, you will be directed to the payment page to pay via credit card. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on getting started, a questionnaire for us get to know you and help you with optimizing your nutrition, and a log in and password that you can use to access the members section of this website and start reaching your fitness goals!
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What is included in BodyBAM?

  • A custom, daily, portion-controlled meal plan, to make sure you are getting the most from your nutrition.
  • 3 one-on-one consultations (either via Skype or email) where you can discuss your goals, and feel confident being able to ask all your questions to a real person actually qualified in the industry.
  • 12 Weeks of unique, fun and challenging Exercise sessions every day – Resistance, Boxing, Cardio and Yoga programs – no equipment or gym necessary!
  • Access to the BodyBAM exercise library of more than 150 very specific demonstration videos, so you know that you are doing it right!
  • The BodyBAM Bible e-book, that will change the way you think and give you a full education on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle factors.
  • Access to the BodyBAM Kitchen with a vast selection of yummy, healthy, portion-controlled recipes, including calorie and macro count to make things really easy!
  • Access to exclusive blog content in the Education and Motivation section, covering things like how to get a flat tummy, correct running technique, how to box, supplement advice and so much more!
  • Daily motivational and educational material (videos, blog posts, images, etc) to help you get and stay on track to reaching your goals, and think and train like you never knew you could.
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group for invaluable support from other members and our professionals
  • Personal “My Progress” page for you to record and track your success!
  • A 6 month membership to, with the option to continue at a heavily discounted monthly rate, because your journey doesn’t end in 12 or 26 weeks!

How much is it to join BodyBAM?

The entire BodyBAM program, including e-book, custom meal plan, 3 x 1-on-1 consultations with a professional, unique daily workouts and 6 months member access is only $397. After the initial 6 month period, you can maintain your membership for just $10 per month.* Additional 1-on-1 consultations can be booked for $99* (members price only).

* Prices are subject to change

About the Program

How much exercise will I be doing?

Depending on your level of fitness, you will be working out 5-6 days each week. It is important that you have at least one rest day each week! Most sessions are 35-45 mins, with some less intense sessions that will be up to an hour. You will not be required to exercise for more than an hour a day.

Can I customise the workout plans?

We encourage you to follow the workout plans as closely as possible, as we have written them to give you a periodised and balanced regime, and sequenced them in specific way to keep you progressing. If you change them, or do them out of order you may not get the full benefits for which they were intended!

I don’t have a lot of time to be preparing food, will I have to spend hours in the kitchen?

I hate spending time making food too, and as a general rule, if it takes more than 20 mins to make, I won’t do it! So BodyBAM Kitchen is mostly full of fast, easy meals, though we have included some more time-consuming ones too for those of you that love cooking!

We have also included some tips on how you can be more efficient in prepping your meals at the start of the week which will speed meal times for the rest of the week!

My partner and kids are quite fussy. Will I have to make separate meals for them?

There are so many delicious recipes in BodyBAM Kitchen; you are sure to find plenty that your whole family will enjoy, even desserts! With our DIY meal plan option, fitting in all your favourite healthy meals is easy! Be aware that you may have to adjust the portion sizes for different members of your family. If you are cooking for a pregnant or lactating woman, you should seek the advice of a GP or relevant health professional.

Are the recipes going to be expensive to make?

Most ingredients in our recipes are “whole” everyday foods and all can be found at the local supermarket. We want to make this as easy as possible for you, so there are no unusual ingredients that will be difficult for you to find. If you do not already have most common condiments, you may notice your food bill go up over the first couple of weeks as you stock your cupboard, but most of these last a long time and will not be a regular expense. Some recipes, like soups for example, can work out at less than $3 per serve and many of our clients often find themselves saving hundreds of dollars over the BodyBAM program because they are eating more meals at home.

Does this program cater for vegetarians and vegans?

You will be receiving a custom meal plan, so if you specify these requirements in your questionnaire then we can cater to suit. The information contained in the BodyBAM e-book is relevant even to vegetarians and vegans. There are also many vegetarian and vegan recipes in the BodyBAM Kitchen.

Is there a gluten-free or lactose-free nutrition plan?

You will be receiving a custom meal plan, so if you specify these requirements in your questionnaire then we can cater to suit. There are many gluten-free and lactose-free recipes in BodyBAM Kitchen to make it easy for you to find cooking ideas. There is also a specific search function for gluten free and dairy free recipes. Substituting individual ingredients in most meals to suit your dietary requirements will not be a problem!

Do I need to be on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to get the most from BodyBAM?

While our exclusive Facebook group (BodyBAM Babes) and Instagram (@body.b.a.m) are the best ways to stay up to date with everything that is happening, find support and new updates/information, all the information you need to achieve your goals is within the members section of this website. We encourage you to follow us on social media for your own extra benefit, though it is not essential to be able to fully reach your goals.

Please note: Only the following social media channels are run by myself and my team and any other Facebook Groups/social media channels that have BodyBAM in the name (or any abbreviation or discussion of such) are not governed, sanctioned or approved by us.


BodyBAM Facebook page:

BodyBAM Babes exclusive Facebook group:



BodyBAM: @body.b.a.m

Avril’s personal: @avrilmathie

How much support will I get from the BodyBAM Team?

Making big changes to your life is always a challenging time and to ensure success, it is so important to have a solid support network behind you and understand what you are doing. When you join the BodyBAM online coaching system, you are not left on your own to figure it all out. We give you 3 x 1-on-1 consultations where you can ask all your questions, discuss you goals and get advice from a qualified professional! As a member of BodyBAM, you will also have access to our exclusive Facebook group where you will be able to share your journey and swap ideas with others in your same situation. Our qualified team of professional trainers and nutritionists also regularly monitor these forums to answer all your questions and support you all the way through your fitness journey! If there is a question that you cannot find the answer to, please Contact Us

What kinds of things will I be able to discuss in my consultations?

We can discuss anything relating to helping you get a better understanding of your nutrition, getting the most out of your workouts, goal setting, motivation techniques, your progress and general health and fitness tips and advice. There is no one-size-fits all diet or exercise approach and thus it is always an experimental process. This is why having someone you can chat to about your progress is so important, allowing us to tweak things along the way to get you the best result!

As we are not able to do any physical or medical testing, we will be unable to give advice regarding any physical or medical conditions, implications or restrictions and you should consult a local professional to help you with anything of this nature. Our advice is general advice based off our professional knowledge and personal experience with ourselves and previous clients.

What happens when BodyBAM finishes?

The goal of the BodyBAM online coaching system is to help you create a balanced lifestyle and body that you LOVE. Some people achieve this in 4 weeks, some people in 4 years… everyone is different! Once you find your happy balance and achieve your goals, this is just the beginning…

When joining this program you get 6 months of member access with the option to continue your subscription on a month-to-month basis after that (don’t worry, its not automatic – you will have the option to decide this when the time comes).

If you love the BodyBAM community, recipes and workouts, we want to give you the option to keep benefiting from staying with us on your journey. We have made the training programs so varied that you can continue to repeat them to your heart’s content!


I have already done BodyBAM once and got awesome results, will I benefit from doing it again?

If you have already been a member of BodyBAM, you will already have all the knowledge to achieve your goals. You can continue your members access to all our workouts, community and recipe library for a very minor fee. This option will be given to you when you log in.

Even if you have already achieved your weight/physique goal, and want to keep improving your fitness you will still find BodyBAM super effective. We have designed this program with a lot of variation to continually be shocking your body, and for people of all fitness levels, so there are many progressions suggested within the program that you can use to make things more challenging as your fitness improves! We are regularly adding recipes, articles and new features to the website to ensure we provide our members with the best possible experience.

If your life circumstances have significantly changed (eg. you are now a vegetarian/vegan, you now work a highly active job and also train significantly more, etc) and you would like to start the program again with a new custom meal plan, 1-on-1 consultations, etc, please Contact Us to sign up again as a new member.


Is this program suitable to do during or after pregnancy?

BodyBAM will not suitable for pregnant women due to the individuality of different pregnancies. We would advise a one-on-one tailored and monitored exercise and nutrition program for mums-to-be to always stay on the safe side! You should seek advice from your GP or appropriate health professional after birth prior to re-commencing any exercise program. Once you have your medical clearance to engage in high intensity training, BodyBAM will be the perfect rebound to whip you back into shape!

I have never exercised before. Can I do BodyBAM?

Yes you can! Though be aware that we have designed this program in such a way to be achievable for people with a basic level of fitness, which is to be able to walk for 30mins at a moderate pace without stopping. If you are not yet at this level, then we suggest you start with walking every day before commencing the BodyBAM exercise programs. There are many variations and progressions of each exercise, so as your fitness improves you can gradually step up the intensity and see your fitness go through the roof! You will be able to start – and will highly benefit from – starting the nutrition side of BodyBAM immediately.

Can I do this program if I want to put on weight?

You can. The main difference for people who want to lose or put on weight/muscle will be in their diet, and if you let us know this on your questionnaire, we can cater your custom meal plan to help you achieve this.

The training programs are a mix of resistance, and high intensity cardio exercise using your body weight and speed, which with correct nutrition, will increase muscle mass and burn body fat. Though if you are looking to gain significant amounts of muscle, (i.e bodybuilding) then there are other programs that will be better suited to you than this one.

Can I do this program if I am under 18?

If you want to do BodyBAM and you are under 18, you will need your parent’s permission. They will need to sign you up and be willing to supervise you throughout the program. You will also need to get clearance from your GP or relevant health professional to be able to perform high and low intensity cardio and body weight resistance exercises.

Teenagers and pre-teen bodies are uniquely different to adults because they are still growing, which is why it is important to get your doctor’s permission if this is the most suitable program for your situation. With the program being able to be done at home (or wherever you choose), there is no intimidation factor that some find with training in gyms, which could be perfect for minors, whether doing it to overcome weight issues or just for self-confidence.

Your nutrition needs are also quite different to that of an adult, in that most minors have much higher energy needs. When we get to know a little more about you from your questionnaire, we will cater your custom meal plan to suit. We also provide a huge amount of educational content (rather than just telling you what to do). Getting a solid knowledge early in life is a great way to set you up for the rest of your life!

If you have any medical conditions, we recommend that you see your GP or an appropriate health professional for personalised advice.

Can I do this program if I am over 50?

As long as you have clearance from your GP or relevant health professional to be able to perform high and low intensity cardio and body weight resistance exercises, then you can most definitely do BodyBAM! Some of the best results achieved on this program have been from women over 50, proving that age is not a limiting factor! Your nutritional needs are also different to that of someone under 50 (or pre-menopausal), so when we get to know you better via our questionnaire, we will cater your meal plan to suit.

Can I do BodyBAM if I only eat out?

One of the reasons we give you the BodyBAM Bible e-book is so that you can have an understanding of what you need to eat and have the flexibility to make the right decisions in any situation, eating out included! It might be a little harder for you to keep track of your portion sizes, but not impossible. There are almost always healthy options when eating out (I manage to find them!) sometimes the hardest part is just choosing to eat those healthy options. But that’s where the BodyBAM goal setting techniques, highly effective workouts and our daily motivation will help you!

I don’t live in Australia or USA, can I do this program?

You can do this program from anywhere in the world! Be aware that the program is in English, and there are references to some foods that may be commonly available only in Australia or USA, however most of these should be able to be substituted for an similar alternative in your country! All measurements are in both metric and imperial and you will choose your preference when you sign up.

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Will my personal information be kept private?

Information such as your name, address, contact details, etc is private and other members cannot access it. We do not use our members photos, measurements, or other personal information without out first getting consent, or unless they have chosen to make it publicly available. The BodyBAM website is secure and private and we make protecting your information our top priority.

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