Introducing BodyBAM

  • For women of all ages, shapes & sizes
  • Programs to suit every fitness level
  • Completely transform & reshape your body
    • lean toned & feminine
  • Get healthy in a way that you’ll love it so much you’ll stay healthy
  • Start seeing results in 1 week
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Learn my secrets & get a Body By Avril Mathie Be Lean, Toned and Confident in less than 12 weeks

  • 12 weeks of detailed training programs
  • Train smarter… get the benefits of 2-3 regular workouts in just 1 x 40 minute BodyBAM workout = fastest results!
  • Learn how to box – one of the most effective ways to burn fat
  • Specifically target your problem areas
  • Resistance programs that are always different – keep it fun and get results faster!
  • No gym or equipment necessary – do these workouts anywhere!
  • Learn what to eat
  • Fast, easy, tasty recipes (many 10 mins or less to prepare)
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Success stories from girls just like you...

Shana's Transformation


BodyBAM has completely changed my life. After this achievement, I found a new confidence that I really can do anything and even went back to university to chase my dreams!

See Shana's Transformation
Anna N.'s Transformation

Anna N.

For the first time I felt like I actually knew how to do the exercises to get the exact result I wanted!

See Anna N.'s Transformation
Tanya's Transformation


BodyBAM is so worth it!

See Tanya's Transformation
Skye's Transformation


It’s refreshing to finally see an e-book that actually educates women and is so well explained!!

See Skye's Transformation
Kelly's Transformation


The BodyBAM training method is one of a kind!

See Kelly's Transformation
Louise's Transformation


Avril sends through really motivating emails, which kept me going through out the program and the different meal plans and recipes were delicious.

See Louise's Transformation
Georgie's Transformation


The boxing workouts are so good!! My body loves BodyBAM!

See Georgie's Transformation
Jodi's Transformation


So it helps when you have a community that supports you and gives you the motivation!

See Jodi's Transformation
Ali's Transformation


Avril teaches you the theory behind nutrition and exercise so you know how you can tweak it to suit your lifestyle and still get the result you want.

See Ali's Transformation
Katie's Transformation


BodyBAM taught me so much more than just how to drop kg’s and tone up!

See Katie's Transformation
Anna B's Transformation

Anna B

I love that all the training can be done without a gym or any equipment and that there is so much variety in the workouts!

See Anna B's Transformation

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Workout with Avril Over 150 videos including workouts and tutorials

  • Proven to be one of the most effective programs in the world for weight loss, lean muscle gain and tone and overall fitness
  • Fun and achievable for any fitness level. Designed for females, but suitable for anyone wanting to get lean, fit and strong without “bulking”.
  • We give you different options and variations to ensure exercises are always challenging
  • No equipment or large spaces necessary – you can literally do this program anywhere in the world, so nothing will get in the way of you achieving your goals!

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Detailed Diet Plan Learn what to eat and when to maximise your progress

  • Super yummy, healthy recipes!
  • Fast and easy to make
  • Family friendly
  • Nutrition education program so you UNDERSTAND how and when to eat the foods that suit you.
  • Use our DIY nutrition template for your flexibility, because there is NO one-size-fits-all diet plan. We are all wayyyy too unique for that!
  • We keep things SIMPLE and EASY to follow and understand!

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What you get

  • 120 pages of instantly downloadable information essential to getting you in BodyBAM shape
  • Detailed daily exercise plans with demonstration videos – no equipment necessary!
  • EXERCISE LIBRARY with over 150 video tutorials showing you correct technique and tips to get the most out of each exercise
  • Access to member’s only educational videos including how to box, running technique and how to get a flat tummy
  • 6 months membership to, with continued access offered at a heavily discounted monthly rate.
  • Learn what and how much to eat for your body type, goals and why
  • Portion controlled example weekly meal plans, including a glimpse at Avril’s personal regime for getting photo-shoot or competition ready
  • THERE IS NO ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL DIET. So I will teach you how to effectively design and personalise your own…. the SIMPLE way!
  • Supplement advice
  • A database of over 150 easy, tasty, BodyBAM approved recipes
  • Tips for cooking at home or dining out
  • Common health and fitness myths busted and explained
  • Fitspiration, motivating quotes and stories from Avril’s and her clients’ personal journey
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